Tour Kingston Jamaica with Buen Tours
A trip to Kingston with Buen Tours Jamaica will prove to be the most educational and inspirational tours you may ever experience of our capital City. With Buen Tours Jamaica you’ll forget that you are a tourist. You’ll feel like you’re a true Jamaican. You’ll be saying “Yeahman” instead of yes. See the city of Kingston in all its’ splendor. Visit our old Spanish capital, Spanish Town, Port Royal, the city that was once destroyed by earthquake then relax and enjoy a Jamaican ice cream in one of Kingston’s well kept botanical gardens, Devon House.
Bob MarleyMuseum
On your visit to Kingston, the Capital of Jamaica, a very famous place to visit is the Bob Marley Museum. The museum is home to the largest collection of Marley memorabilia and a great place to visit for an introduction into the history of reggae music. You will pass through rooms that carry a lot of history in the home where Bob cooked his food, wrote his songs and even see the very bed he slept in and the house slippers he wore while there.
Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain is the highest mountain in Jamaica and the Caribbean. It is 7402 feet (2256m) high above sea level and grows the best coffee in the world, the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.
Buen Tours Jamaica will be delighted to give you the option of climbing the mountain by driving or hiking. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to see where and how the best coffee in the world is grown and prepared. Better yet, you may also enjoy your own cup of our aromatic Blue Mountain coffee.