Tour Montego Bay Jamaica with Buen Tours
Montego Bay is known as the second city and is the tourism capital of Jamaica. It is known for it’s lovely beaches, great night life and dining experiences. Wherever you stay in Montego Bay, you will be mere minutes from the Donald Sangster International Airport.
It sometimes takes a little courage to travel to a strange country, especially when you have never been away from your familiar own surroundings.
But don’t be afraid to go out, be open to other cultures, other people, other food, different climates – there is so much to discover.  Be open, self assured and do not hesitate to be yourself.
Mayfield Falls
Do you love nature? 
Do you love natural beauty? 
Well, so do we at Buen Tours Jamaica and we want you to enjoy as much as you can while here in Jamaica. One of the places you may do so is at Mayfield falls in the distant hills of Montego Bay.
The Rose Hall Great House
If you like history and legends, then Buen Tours Jamaica will take you to many places of rich Jamaican History. One of these places is the Rose Hall Great House, the most famous in Jamaica.
Rose Hall is most famous for the story of its mistress Annie Palmer who came to Jamaica in 1820 and the fanciful legends of underground tunnels, bloodstains and haunting. It is alleged that she killed three husbands (by poison, by stabbing and then pouring boiling oil into his ears, and by strangling) and numerous lovers, including slaves, whom she simply killed when she was bored of them. There is little evidence to support the legend, though maybe you’ll be convinced by the ghostly faces that appear in photographs taken by visitors.
So, you think you have seen it all? Buen Tours Jamaica wants to take you to one of Jamaica’s most visually striking point of interest, LUMINOUS LAGOON at GLISTENING WATERS.

At twilight, get aboard a boat in the lagoon, sail out and be stunned as nature literally comes “alive”. As the boat moves, the path it takes glow as bright as a firefly. Imagine seeing lighted outlines of fish as they move. If you are a swimmer, jump in, you glow once there is any movement. It is as a result of million of microscopic organism [Dino flagellates] living in the lagoon’s water Looking forward to expose one of “NATURE’S GEM”.
Mere words cannot explain. 'Seeing is believing '. This is a true ‘wonder’ of science and the 'rarest' experience you will ever have!!!!